It takes time to create healthy meals

  • Automatic Daily Food Production Reports
  • Accurate Meal Claiming
  • Efficient Menu Planning

Try MealScan for CACFP Sponsors

...and give your center that time!

Track Meals & Attendance

Ideal for Multi-Site Sponsors. Use any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone)

Increase Revenue

Maximize claim revenue by producing accurate and timely claims.

Food Production Reports

Produced accurately & Automatically--based on the menu and daily counts.

Menu Planning

Create menus that comply with CACFP. For multi-site sponsors, optionally design one menu and distribute to sites automatically

About MealScan

A site for CACFP sponsors that is designed to create more efficient the following...

Food Production Reports
Cooks can easily create them accurately & in seconds
Meal Claims
Hassle-free, timely and more accurate.
Menu Planning
More efficient, well planned and based on CACFP standards.
Food Ordering
More streamlined and efficient with more food buying choices.

Happy Centers

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